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Disclosure Forms Client Psychotherapy Intake Form Please provide the following information and answer the questions below. Please note: information you provide here is protected as confidential information.
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hi everyone welcome to today's YouTube live Q&A I'm dr Melissa hall owner of to a prep and founder of the free private practice paper crash course and today I am answering your questions and we are talking about intake assessment so we're gonna go through some questions that you can ask your clients during an intake and these are questions that will not only help you get the information you need cover yourself legally and ethically but also help you to build rapport with your clients and get that therapy relationship off to a really really good start okay now Before we jump in make sure that you are subscribed you can just click below to subscribe and get notifications and that way you will get notified every time I go live but we are here every Monday at 12 pm Pacific all right so the first question now we're gonna talk about is what did you like or not like about your past therapy experience or your past counseling experience your past therapist whatever but this is a really important question to ask your clients because you want to know what they liked and didn't like any experience that they've had in the past now obviously if clients haven't been in any kind of therapy this may not apply but this will let you know if maybe they talk about something that they don't like that you do or if they talk about something they didn't like for example I've heard people talk about one thing I didn't like about my last therapist was that there was no parking you know it was like a horrible parking situation so it kind of lets you know what might be red flags what are things that you need to bring up with your clients and what are things that are just pet piece for them that you can get to know them a little bit better and then if there's anything they really did like this is just as important to ask when I asked both because you want to know what they did like about any prior treatment so that you can capitalize on that you can build upon it and you can you know either you're not gonna adjust what you're doing but you can talk to them about how what you do might be similar to that and help them to connect those two pieces another question that you can ask your clients during the intake process and these are always again that you're getting to know your clients and getting to know what they need is how can I help you so this is a little bit different from asking about like treatment planning and goals and a little bit different than asking not like the reason for a referral those are all things you do want to ask about but when you ask a question in this way and of course you can adjust these however you want it lets you know what the client is expecting from you so sort of similar to that last one this will help you know what they see the therapists role as in this process because if they want a therapist who's going to be acting a sort of like an accountability partner and following up...